Support in pregnancy and in the postnatal period

Here at Change-In-Mind we can support you to improve your wellbeing, mood and mental health with our fantastic Positive Pregnancy programme. In 6 sessions you can achieve remarkable change. Alternatively we offer our Positively Postnatal programme if you're struggling with your mood after the birth of your child and beyond

Perinatal anxiety and depression affects up to 20% of pregnant women in the UK and is currently a significant public health concern. 

The perinatal phase covers the whole period from conception until your baby is 12 months old.

Women in the perinatal period are more at risk of developing a mental health problem particularly if they have had a previous mental health condition. Psychotropic medications however, do pose a risk to the unborn baby and psychological interventions if effective are more favourable.

Counselling, psychotherapy and CBT are effective psychological interventions for perinatal women.

Mental health disorders have serious consequences for parent-child bonding posing a risk of further emotional, social, physical or mental health problems for the child later in life. As well as this, the parents can develop further complications if their own mental health problem goes undiagnosed. 

Fathers too experience (paternal) depression and anxiety disorders during the perinatal period.

Because of its prevalence a five year £365 million NHS transformational programme will provide at risk women specialist care and evidence-based treatments. The current NHS bill for perinatal mental health is estimated to be £1.2 billion annually. 

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