“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.” 

Ziad K. Abdelnour 

Who We Are

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Why Us?

Do you need support? Would you like to feel happier, content, balanced and more in control? Here at Change-In-Mind we have a professional team who will guide you through your journey back to inner peace and wellbeing. We use a modern approach for efficient, effective and lasting change.

We specialise in Pregnancy depression, Men's depression and Adolescent (teen) depression. If you need support or know somebody who does please contact us


We all need support sometimes

We believe in an entirely holistic approach, taking your whole self into account, whether that’s home, work, relationships, health, wealth, creative expression, lifestyle and environment – it’s all connected.

What we do

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Positive Pregnancy

Improve your mood, release your fears and feel supported, empowered and at  peace at this special phase in your life

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Positive Psychology

Applying modern psychological interventions to achieve a flourishing, engaged and meaningful life 

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Practical support for men experiencing stress and  low mood

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Stress Management

Learn techniques to effectively identify stressors and manage stress 


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Make changes in your life, focus on your goals and maximise your success

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Fitness, Health & Nutrition

Focus on planning and maintaining optimum health and fitness. 

What our clients say

I was a little apprehensive about seeing a positive psychologist at first - I felt ashamed and a bit of a mess but the process of change took 7 weeks and what a wonderful change it has been. I have gone from being affected by everything to being effective at everything. I changed my thinking and it literally saved my life. Thank you Change-In-Mind

Sara-Jayne Moor

During the fifth month of my pregnancy I began to feel low in mood and anxious every morning. I didn't want to cause potential harm my unborn baby by taking medication yet I was struggling to cope with my daily tasks.  My partner found Change-In-Mind online and  after a home consultation with a Stress consultant I began their positive pregnancy programme the following week. Within 3 weeks I began to feel stronger, balanced and more resilient. By the seventh month of pregnancy I was happier and calmer than I had been in many years and I still am .Thank you so much!

Katie Allen

07900 370 856


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